Healing the
Devices that Heal

Asimily’s IoMT risk remediation platform holistically secures the mission-critical healthcare devices that deliver safe and reliable care.

Our Mission in 1 Minute

New Brand for Us. New Approach to IoMT for You.

Join a Technology Community that Ensures the Safety of Patients and Providers

Reduce IoMT Device Cyber Risk

Keep the devices that patients and providers depend on, up and operational. Do it all through a single dashboard, with actionable information ready for anyone who needs to know.

Better Defend Your Organization

Maybe they are traditional endpoints? Maybe they are IoMT devices? To threat actors, they are simply attack vectors. Asimily ends the IoMT cyber deficits by defending effectively.

Reduce Expenses

Expand security without incurring massive deficits in your CapEx and OpEx. With the largest knowledge base of medical devices and protocols, vulnerability research, and manufacturer disclosure statements; Asimily tackles the growing challenges while minimizing resource consumption.

Meet Compliance Standards

In healthcare, patient and provider trust, and regulatory compliance is critical. Defend all healthcare devices while aiding trust in technology and achieve compliance with regulatory standards and industry best practices.

Every Device. Every Healthcare Organization.

Risk assessment – and threats – aren’t a static target. But with the largest knowledgebase of connected and stand-alone medical devices and protocols, Asimily's IoMT risk remediation platform is helping healthcare organizations keep their resources ready, patients safe, and IT assets secure.

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IoMT vulnerabilities, frustrations, and breaches happen. There’s proof that a new, healthier approach is needed. Schedule a demo to improve cybersecurity maturity and operational effectiveness..

Same Team. New Brand.

With a results-driven background in healthcare, cybersecurity, engineering, machine learning, data analytics, and program empowerment, the Asimily team has designed, built, and launched innovative solutions for startups and Fortune 500 companies.




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Our Mission in 1 Minute
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